Vladimir Kroupnik, Elena Govor



These are photographs, taken by the author of this site in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. On memorial plaques with more than 60000 names of Australians who died on the WWI fronts there are many names of natives of Russia. Herewith are only some of them. They were found by Elena Govor who wrote the book Russian Anzacs in Australian History. If you want to find out more about the Russian soldiers who fought in the Australian Army in 1914-1918 contact her by e-mail




Averkoff William George (1896-1917)

Born in Vladivostok, bookbinder by trade. Arrived in Australia in 1909, work on a sugar cane plantation in Queensland. Died in an attack on the Messiness fortifications  (Belgium)  07.06.1917

Kosakovshenek Vlas (1894 - 1915)

Born in 1894 in Riga (now Latvia), a seaman. Died in August 1915 at Gallipoli.

Maximenko Efim  (1891 - 1917)

Arrived in Australia in 1909, a mechanic by trade, served in a engineers unit. On 07.06.1917 was mortally wounded in a battle in France.

Pshevolodskey Marian  (1881 - 1915)

Born in 1881 in a village of Bilka near Lvov (Ukraine) and fought during the Russo-Japanese War, served in the Vilensky Regiment for two years. A carpenter by trade. Died on
9/10.05.1915 at Gallipoli.

Tarasov Sergey (1892 - 1918)

Born in 1892 in St Petersburg, a seaman by trade. Arrived in Australia in 1911. Died on 08.05.1918 at Somme.

Wolkoff Michael (1881 - 1916)

He had served in the Russian army for more than 4 years before his arrival in Australia. A laborer. died on 05.11.1916 in France.

Kabatoff Ivan  (1893 - 1916)

Born in Nizhniy Novgorod. A laborer. Died on  11.08.1916 in France


Tolstoi Andre (1873 - 1917)

Born in Warsaw (now Poland). he lived and studied in France, served in the french Army, fought and was wounded several times. Arrived in Australia from Spain in 1900. He worked on sugar cane plantations and mines. Died at Bullecourt on 11.04.1917.

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